Package 1 Remedial & Foot Massage


Long hour with Remedial Massage to reduced muscle tension, stimulation of the lymphatic system and increase join mobility. Enjoy and relax entire body with foot massage. Duration of 90 min $129

Package 2 Hot Stone Therapy & Foot Massage

F hot stone.jpg

Warm up with Hot Stone Therapy to loosen all tried muscles, reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep and help to relieve symptom or autoimmune diseases. Great combination with foot massage to motivate your active body. Duration of 90 min $129

Package 3 Thai & Hot Coconut Oil Massage

Thai Stretching.jpg

Reward and spoil yourself with great technique or Traditional Thai Massage and keep you skin healthy with extra virgin coconut oil. Rejuvenate and enjoy 2 hours massage. You deserved it!!  $159

Package 4 & 5 Your Desire 

Massage therapy.jpg
Foot spa.jpg

Create your own package with mix&match any type of treatment you love, design duration as you wish 


Package 4 Your Desire 90 in total of 90 min  $149

Package 5 Your Desire Mix & Match in total of 2 hours  $169